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Excellent dental care is a wonderful way to enhance your smile, improve your health and relieve a painful situation. Whether seeking a full-service dentist, cosmetic dentistry or specialized care, Dr. Davis and his team are compassionate and dedicated to providing highly pleasing and affordable long lasting treatment.


Before Invisalign after braces relapse + gum graft surgery


After Invisalign + teeth whitening + arch reformulation therapy

Arch Reformulation Therapy


Helps many avoid grafting and laser surgeries.

All Natural

Offers less aggressive treatment than traditional dental braces and clear orthodontic aligners.

Long Lasting

Lasting cosmetic improvements which compare favorably to plastic surgery procedures

results from unsuccessful traditional braces
successful invisalign helps avoid surgery

Dental Professionals

Dr. Elliot Davis’s next presentation: “Treatment can be an orthodontic success and a dental failure — huh?”  Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 6-8pm

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Articles for Patients & Professional Case

“This patient saved $11,000 on his
dental treatment!”

unsuccessful clear aligner results did not last+ superior porcelain veneers alternative is affordable

“Arch Reformulation Therapy (‘ART’):
Case studies of two patients.”
**For Dental Professionals**

braces relpase and gum problems evident healthy gums with arch reformulation - invisalign - avoid graft surgery