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US Patent Awarded for Breakthrough Tooth Movement Treatment for Those Suffering With Periodontal Disease

Arch Reformulation Therapy (ART) recognized as an excellent method to reverse the harmful effects caused by gum, bone and occlusal diseases.

“A major advance in the evolution of tooth movement therapy”

New York, NY — March 26th, 2018

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent #9,861,451 to Elliot Davis, D.D.S., a general dentist and inventor in New York, NY.

Executive Summary: The method patent is for Arch Reformulation Therapy (ART), a sophisticated periodontal aligner protocol which safely moves teeth in patients with gum and bone disease and other ailments. This non-invasive, long-lasting alternative to periodontal surgery, orthodontic aligner and traditional orthodontic therapy, is the first dental aligner system predicated upon improvements to the health of the gums, in lieu of teeth positions, to gauge success.

ART is expected to be available to millions of patients in 2018 or 2019. Information is available for those interested in licensing this technology or investment opportunities.

Distinct Goals: While periodontal aligners are visually indistinguishable from orthodontic aligners, they are elegantly programmed with important advances to facilitate:

1) the reduction, if not the eradication, of periodontal disease;

2) the foundation for a lasting result.

Unique Essential Aspect: Arch reformulation using periodontal aligners is the first dental aligner system to rely upon the health of the gums (e.g., Gingival Health Levels I, II and III) to confirm positive changes are occurring. Broad and measurable improvements to the periodontium provide confidence to both patients and clinicians that the teeth’s supportive complex, the basal alveolar osseous process, is being enhanced. Dr. Elliot Davis believes “This is a major advance in the evolution of tooth movement therapy.”

Tooth movement therapy via traditional and aligner orthodontics utilize teeth positions to measure the efficacy of the result – gum health is not a criterion.

Who Can Benefit From This New Therapy? Non-invasive and dentally gentle, ART can predictably treat those struggling with:

1) active periodontal disease;

2) temporomandibular joint dysfunction ([TMJD] / jaw pain);

3) general dental sensitivity;

4) whether to proceed with elective orthognathic surgery or this non-surgical


This is great news for many previously told they were ineligible, based on widely accepted orthodontic criteria, for teeth repositioning treatment. Dr. Davis notes “Offering a viable non-surgical option to those considering orthognathic surgery fills a major void in the treatment spectrum.

Market Size: The size of the United States and Canadian markets for this distinct tooth movement protocol is comparable to those for traditional orthodontics, orthodontic aligner therapy and periodontal graft surgery. More simply, it’s expected that once arch reformulation becomes widely available to practitioners and their patients, millions will be able to receive this elevated standard of dental care. Dr. Davis shares “patients gush when describing how their hygienist and dentist marveled at their clearly healthier gums.”

Additional Information: Dental and medical laboratories and manufacturers interested in licensing this technology, as well as corporations desirous of providing this therapy to their employees and those interested in investing in the future of dentistry, should email [email protected].

Reference: Patent #9,861,451 Combination orthodontic and periodontal; orthodontic and implant; orthodontic and temporomandibular joint dysfunction and orthodontic orthognathic treatment.

About Elliot R. Davis, D.D.S.:

Dr. Davis invented the Arch Reformulation Therapy (ART) / periodontal aligner protocol (patented); Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST), which efficiently facilitates the progress of dental aligner therapy in a cost-effective manner; and the Manhattan Method of Teeth Whitening, which affordably harmonizes smiles where teeth possess a variety of shades.

Dr. Elliot Davis maintains a comprehensive general dentistry practice in Manhattan and an arch reformulation practice in the Bronx, New York. Warmly regarded by his peers, Dr. Davis was the youngest to serve as president of the New York County Dental Society. He was privileged to represent his colleagues as a delegate to both the American Dental and New York State Dental Associations.

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