Arch Reformulation

Arch Reformulation Therapy (“ART”)

“This alternative gentle dental therapy is the superior option to the more aggressive traditional clear orthodontic aligners and dental braces.”

Arch Reformulation Therapy (“ART”)

  • A unique periodontal aligner protocol to treat gum, bite, bone, jaw and general sensitivity problems in a dentally gentle and cost-effective manner.
  • No need for surgery – ART will resolve many forms of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • A non-invasive and highly effective method to help those suffering with temperomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction (TMD) and an excellent alternative to elective orthognathic surgery.
  • Creates gorgeous and healthy smiles – virtually eliminating the need for porcelain veneers and crowns.
  • Eliminates the need for many laser, implant and pre-implant surgeries.
Same patient before non-surgical alternative to orthognathic surgery after excellent invisalign arch reformulation

Why choose Arch Reformulation Therapy (“ART”) over dental braces and orthodontic aligners?

Arch Reformulation Therapy   /   Periodontal Aligners Traditional Braces    /                     Orthodontic Aligners
The health of the gums is one of the two criteria used to measure the success of therapy Gum health is not one of the eight criteria used to measure the overall success of treatment (source: American Board of Orthodontics)
Improvement of the bite and gums post-treatment is common After treatment, teeth often don’t remain in their positions. Results are often unstable and according to professional research by orthodontists, relapse is apparent in more than half of the patients (70-90%).
When there’s too little room for all the teeth, the bone is modified in a natural manner to accommodate each part of every tooth. This idealization of the bone as well as the improvement of the bite enhance the mouth’s ability to resist relapse forces and remain stable. When there’s insufficient bone to accommodate all the teeth, healthy tooth structure is often removed and healthy teeth are commonly removed to accommodate the bone.
Active periodontal disease is an indication to initiate periodontal aligner treatment. Active gum and bone disease raises a red caution flag to avoid initiating metal braces or orthodontic aligner treatment.
Gum health milestones need to be achieved before progressing to the next stage of treatment. The condition of the gums is not a factor during care.
Has been referred to as a cure for certain types of periodontal disease. It is not uncommon for the gums to require treatment after orthodontic therapy is completed.


mature dental patient gum and plaque problems


plaque and calculus reduced - invisalign - ART


crowding - dental occlusal disease


much healthierr gums and bite after invisalign - ART

History and Future

Arch reformulation is a unique periodontal aligner treatment recently developed by Dr. Elliot Davis in New York City. While a number of clinicians reported gum conditions would occasionally improve, Dr. Davis noticed that the gum health of patients would continue their marked improvement many months after the completion of their care. Additionally, these patients didn’t exhibit any of the signs typically associated with braces relapse.

Those were more than pleasant contrasts. Researchers have confirmed that orthodontic relapse occurs frequently and that those who’ve had braces often wind up with gum and bone problems which require professional intervention. That’s why it’s so refreshing and gratifying to hear Dr. Davis’s patients express over and over that “my mouth has became stronger.”

Based on his observations and patient feedback, Dr. Davis systematically refined and enhanced this technique into the proven ART protocol (PerioCompleteTM – patent pending [USPTO]) for patients with gum, bite, bone and general sensitivity problems (the birth of the “periodontal aligner!”) Patients now routinely opt for ART as opposed to more invasive periodontal options, such as gum graft, laser or bone surgery. Patients heretofore classified as unsuitable to receive traditional braces, clear orthodontic aligner therapy or were told surgery was their only choice, are now obtaining predictable results via this non-invasive and dentally respectful disruptive innovation.

As awareness grows that many dental problems previously believed to be untreatable (elective orthognathic care) or uncurable (periodontal disease) can be remedied in an efficient and dentally gentle manner, ART will become accessible through an increasing network of highly trained and skilled dental professionals. Suffice it to say, dentistry has changed.

best non-surgical alternative to orthognathic surgery with arch reformulation therapy + invisalign + no dental surgery needed

Neither the man pictured above nor the woman pictured below received or will require any
(orthognathic) surgery. Each is progressing quite well partway through their sophisticated,
yet non-invasive and natural treatment.


Alternative to orthognathic surgery and orthodontic braces"


best non-surgical alternative to orthognathic surgery with arch reformation therapy + invisalign excellent results nyc manhattan

Arch Reformulation Therapy (“ART”): Making
dental implants work better, last longer and be more affordable

Before Partway
fix for too little room for implant placement + top dental surgery avoided - innovative alternative therapy dentist nyc bronx
Before Partway
best to avoid dentist implant surgery save money top affordable treatment innovative dentist no surgery alternative
Before Partway
best way to create space for ideal and affordable dentist implants in bronx + nyc invisalign arch reformulation dentist care

“Thank you for your interest in ART!” Dr. Davis