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Dreams Do Come True {Gentle, affordable, exquisite dentistry!}
(ART + Invisalign® + Teeth whitening [Manhattan method] + 2 Porcelain veneers)

Crowded Smile and Midline Problem Corrected (ART + Invisalign® + Teeth whitening [traditional])

Black Space Smile & “Grandpa Gums” Fixed
(Teeth whitening [oral antiseptic method], No bonding, No porcelain veneers, No gum graft surgery, No plastic surgery, No dermal fillers!)

Congested Teeth Fixed
(No teeth removed, No shaving down of teeth!)

Crossbite Corrected
(Partway: Excellent progress, Dental bonding [minor], No porcelain veneers!)

Gummy Smile
(Fixed without surgery!)

Smile and Midline Discrepancy Corrected
(ART + Invisalign® + Teeth whitening [oral antiseptic method]!)

Stain Removal
(Outstanding results with affordable teeth whitening [Manhattan method]!)