Life Changing Results

Dreams Do Come True! View real patient examples of "Before & After" various treaments

Awkward Smile and Bite Overhaul

His teeth didn’t meet nicely (crossbite, rotated), the gums bled easily and several had unsightly stains. Custom teeth whitening and two porcelain veneers upgraded his mouth in a natural and affordable manner. This real patient had award winning results that have lasted beautifully for many years. His long-term prognosis for the best dentist results are excellent!

This award winning real dental patient had a very bad  bite and smile fixed with Tinnisense veneers and whitening Award winning real dental patient smile - fixed with Tinnisense - top porcelain veneers - best NY dentist
Best smile by top NY dentist fixed bad teeth - real patient. Smile fixed by top NY dentist bad teeth gone - real patient.

Crowding, Bad Midline and Kicked Out Tooth Fixed

Tinnesense and teeth whitening rejuvenated the health of his mouth and smile. While others had recommended that he remove some teeth, this real dental patient was able to keep all his teeth – none were extracted! This is an example of the top dentist care which is consistently delivered to all patients.

Smile and Gum Problems: Black Space and Exposed Gumlines Fixed Without Surgery

Tinnesense pushed the top teeth up into the bone where they should have been. The big benefit was the necks of the teeth no longer showed when he smiled. Common with elderly patients, “Grandpa Gums” are often correctable without the patient needing periodontal graft surgery, a painful and aggressive procedure. Prudent repositioning eliminated the space between the front two teeth. No tooth enamel had to be removed from this real dental patient! An example of the best gum health improvement by a top trained dentist. 

Congested Teeth Uncluttered. All-Natural Non-Invasive Method

This the lower jaw. All the crowding and leaning problems were fixed without having to remove or shave down teeth. The gums and supporting bone are now healthy. The smile of this real dental patient looks 20 years younger. Her teeth and gums have continued to improve. There was no need for a cumbersome and calculus creating metal splint. Her top dental hygienist is thrilled with how much less plaque and calculus (dental tartar) builds up between cleanings.

Gummy Smile

This actual patient resisted smiling because she would show more gums than anyone else in a photo. Moving her top teeth enhanced the supporting bone. This guided the gums to achieve normal levels. Her new all natural smile is the best it has ever been. This elegant and economical long-term solution for her smile, gums, and lips elevated her confidence.

Smile and Midline Discrepancy Corrected

Her prior best orthodontist left some of her teeth in unstable positions. Excellent repositioning and skillful teeth whitening helped her bite, stability and fixed the mismatched midline between her top and bottom teeth. This real patient loves her new and improved smile and bite!

Stain Removal, Power Polishing and Whitening

The combined benefits of tooth surface smoothening and teeth whitening yielded a predictable, economical, and easily maintainable result for a real dental patient. This fine dental result required the skills of a top cosmetic dentist.

Uneven Smile

Her lips are uneven due to poor tooth alignment. Tinnisense greatly improved her smile and lips. This top result by an outstanding team of dentists provided a life changing smile for this actual patient.