A new and excellent no-surgery solution is here!

Tinnisense Aligner Care is a multi-patented dental solution that offers patients a conservative and lasting non-invasive alternative to gum graft and TMD surgeries.

Those suffering with gum, bone, bite and jaw joint problems pose challenges to dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists and orthodontists. Presently, the options range from minimally invasive to significant surgeries.

Tinnisense Aligner Care is the first system designed for those previously deemed unsuitable to receive traditional orthodontic or sequential clear aligner therapy.

One of the reasons why Tinnisense Care was awarded several miestone patents was that it is the first and curreently only available corticotomy which doesn’t diminish the overall density of the jaws — no bone is permanently removed! That’s why it provides enormous piece of mind to and is highly welcomed by patients, clinicians, and surgeons.

Another appreciated benefit is the relatively rapid recovery time. Other corticotomies are infrequently done a second time because the initial unpleasant surgical experience deters patients from having it again.

A testament to BAST’s efficacy and relative gentleness is that more than a third of the patients have received BAST on more than one occasion.

What makes periodontal aligners so successful?

    1. Healthy gums (reduced accumulation of plaque and calculus) are the top priority.
    2. Stability, midline correction and asymmetry reduction are integrated within the treatment design.
    3. Joint pain and discomfort [ temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort (TMD) ] are greatly reduced.
    4. Supporting bone is modified (made larger and smaller) to accommodate the teeth.
    5. That’s the reverse of the precepts for traditional and sequential clean aligner orthodontic treatment designs (where teeth are modified [shaved down or removed] to accommodate the bone).
    6. Two essential measures of periodontal aligners, gingival (gum) health and long-lasting stability are not factors used to measure whether traditional orthodontic treatments or orthodontic sequential aligner therapies were successful.

Gingival graft surgery was one of the recommended dental treatments to help correct the gum problems which showed an excessive amount of rooth.

5 days after BAST (notice the red spots where the penetrations and vibration occurred have faded). Patient did not experience any discomfort or peculiar sensations the day following the procedure.

Her comment: “within days, the teeth started ‘flying’”, moving much quicker than prior to the procedure.

What makes Tinnisense Aligner Care with so unique?

    1. The health of the gums (e.g., Gingival Health Levels I, II, III), not the positions of the teeth is the key indicator that confirms positive progress of the therapy has been achieved.
    2. The occlusion (bite) and overall stability are both programmed and expected to improve during the passive phase after the active portion of therapy has been successfully completed.

The Bottom Line

Tinnisense Aligner Care is a new and excellent non-invasive dental option for many who possess periodontal disease, gum shrinkage or suffer from jaw pain. Having a robust alternative (patent pending) to surgical options is highly desirable for many patients and dental clinicians.

Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST) improves the performance of periodontal aligners and is the least invasive corticotomy

Is Patented Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy right for you?

Patients like this novel treatment because it’s fast and less time is spent in the dental chair. Recovery time is short, there’s less discomfort, and is a powerful motivator.
Teeth move more quickly so progress is evident every month.

Avoid bad breath, halitosis or malodor using your toothbrush

Do I have bad breath?

Dr. Davis will set up one or more sessions to provide periodontal treatments and then institute a regimen for you to follow at home to keep your mouth as clean and fresh as possible.