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Implant Treatment – Enhanced with periodontally purposed aligner therapy


What is a Dental Implant?

The doctors at The Manhattan Dentist love to work with dental implants because they are a treatment that can help rejuvenate a smile, correct an incomplete bite, or on occasion, transform one’s life. What is commonly referred to as a dental implant has three distinct parts. The implant, a man-made “simulated tooth root” (usually a type of titanium) is carefully placed during a surgical procedure in a position that was once occupied by an actual tooth. Think of a dental implant as a thimble with sharp threads. The abutment functions as a dowel; a precise part fits inside the implant while the top portion sticks out, as if it were shaped perfectly in anticipation of having an ideally designed tooth. The third portion is the crown, which is similar to what covers an actual tooth. The ultimate goal of the implant is to have it look, feel and function as if it were a natural tooth.

New York New Jersey Invisalign orthodontist and dentist implant surgeon

Pre-implant smile

New Jersey New York Orthodontist Invisalign retreatment

Present day (post-implant) smile

In the patient’s own words:

… while having Invisalign treatment, a crown on one of my front teeth did not feel right and my dentist confirmed there was a problem. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Davis for a second opinion. Following a thorough examination, he determined the tooth could not be saved. After Dr. Davis explained all of the treatment options, I decided upon a dental implant.
When I arrived at Dr. Davis’ office for the implant, I was very anxious. He and his team reassured me. Although lengthy, the implant procedure was uneventful. It involved little discomfort, I left the office with a temporary tooth that looked as good as a permanent one, and even had a dinner date with my husband that same evening.
After the dental implant procedure, Dr. Davis conducted a comprehensive Invisalign re-treatment that corrected the less than satisfactory result of the prior dentist’s Invisalign treatment. Next, Dr. Davis whitened my teeth. Now my mouth feels the best it ever has and my smile sparkles.
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Davis for his extraordinary expertise, professionalism, and tender care. I am thankful for his exemplary team: colleagues, assistants, office manager, and laboratory technicians. Each contributes skillfully and significantly to the success of Dr. Davis’ practice. … Thank you, Dr. Davis!

Dr. Davis routinely provides implants to patients who were previously told they could not have dental implants. With his expertise, brilliant treatment planning and consummate care, patients with less than ideal bone health are having successful dental implants, crowns and bridges placed. This has helped him restore their mouths to a level of health, comfort and functionality that they had not experienced in years, or in some cases, decades. In some instances, arch reformulation therapy (e.g., PerioComplete with Invisalign) can help one obviate the need for some pre-implant bone surgeries (e.g., bone graft, sinus lift). These implant purposed removable orthodontic therapies can work wonders.

“If you have a tooth that needs to come out … want to fill in a space where one or more teeth are missing … or want to secure, or eliminate your dentures… consider dental implants as your opportunity for a ‘third set of teeth.’ ”

Why choose Dr. Elliot Davis and his talented staff for dental implants? What makes them so special?

As you can see from their impeccable credentials, each doctor has had distinguished training and experience. As you can see from the patient photos, every care and effort is placed to ensure the mouth works in harmony and the smile looks great. That’s their goal – make the teeth and oral cavity mouth approach the natural and holistic ideals.

The whole team is right there. You never have to leave the office. Dr. Davis (who was once again honored to be included in the ‘Guide to America’s Top Dentists’), Dr. Quinn and the periodontist, bone grafting and implant surgeon, are skilled diagnosticians and clinicians who together have more than fifty years of dental implant surgery and implant restoration experience. Proper planning, implementation and maintenance are the three keys to successful dental implant treatment. These doctors take full advantage of the digital radiography (digital panoramic, periapical and bitewing x-rays), digital photography (extraoral and intraoral) and digital simulation and projected result simulation systems.

NY NJ Dental Implant Patient

The start of the process

NJ NY Dental Implant Surgery excellent result

The finished result

Whether you require one single implant or your entire mouth requires rehabilitation, you will feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. Should you need some pre-implant placement procedure (i.e., bone grafting, sinus lift, orthodontic repositioning or bite correction/stabilization with PerioComplete with Invisalign) or a post implant placement procedure (i.e., gum grafting), those procedures are routinely, efficiently and professionally handled in these offices. If you are seeking care with an implant dentist and surgeon team with impeccable qualifications and outstanding credentials, contact the office of The Manhattan Dentist and schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

Fractured front tooth required a dental implant in nyc
Fractured post and core and crown needed a dental implant surgery in new york
vital part of the dental implant surgery - Manhattan NY
New York Manhattan excellentn Dental implant surgery

An In-depth glimpse of the key middle stages of care.

Far left: a bird’s eye view of the portion of the fractured tooth that remained within the bone
Middle left: shows the crown, post and a portion of the fracture tooth
Middle right: taken during the implant surgery, the white implant guide confirms the ideal placement
Far right: the fit of the abutment is confirmed prior to the completion of the abutment shaping.

Dr. Elliot Davis’s comments:
“The attention to detail during all aspects of dental treatment is essential.”

That statement is especially true with dental implant therapy.

The experiences of the patient featured on this page are not uncommon for one who undergoes implant rehabilitation. To enhance your appreciation and understanding of the process, please allow me to share my perspectives.

During her initial consultation, the main problem was identified. The tooth experiencing the pain could be moved with light finger pressure, indicating a fracture was likely present. After additional testing, that finding was confirmed.

    At her next visit after the consultation:

  • The size and location of the root fracture confirmed the tooth could not be saved.
  • An evaluation of her occlusion showed the bite was the likely cause of the problem (chronic malocclusion was present).
  • The oral surgeon:
    • carefully removed the tooth via an atraumatic extraction procedure
    • added new bone via a bone graft procedure
    • placed the dental implant
  • As the general and implant restorative dentist, I:
    • placed the temporary dental implant abutment
    • fabricated the first in a series of temporary crowns for the implant tooth. Each closely matched the adjacent teeth and protected the site of the implant and bone grafting surgeries.
  • Just hours after her visit, she felt sufficiently comfortable to meet her husband at a restaurant for dinner. She was quite pleased and shocked that he could not detect any visible or functional signs of the extensive dental work performed earlier that day. I was pleased she felt sufficiently comfortable and confident to be out in public.

During treatments over the next 18 months the implant solidified, her bite was corrected, the Invisalign® orthodontic treatment performed just as planned, the teeth were whitened, some teeth were gently recontoured and two crowns were placed. This treatment was more conservative and far less costly than she had anticipated.

New York New Jersey top dental implant surgery

Initial visit

Implant dentist periodontist and oral surgeon in New York

Day of implant surgery

Dentist implant surgeon affordable smile and teeth whitening

Midway through treatment

New Jersey New York Orthodontist Invisalign retreatment

Present Smile

The exquisite final result


Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants can improve your quality of life. They allow you chew with greater force, enhancing your satisfaction when eating. Dental implants help prevent your bone from shrinking (atrophy) by maintaining your present level and density of bone. Implants have been known to enhance one’s speech and minimize bad breath. Dental implants can give you more confidence, help you feel more youthful and enhance your self esteem.


An Example of a Single Dental Implant in the Back of the Mouth
(with dental abutment and crown placement)

Dental implant dentist in greenwich villlage new york
Implant dentist after treatment in greenwich village manhattan

Please note how nicely the new dental implant and crown blend in to the rest
of the teeth in her mouth.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

If you have experienced tooth loss, you are not alone. According to the American Dental Association, more than 100 million Americans have replaced at least one lost tooth that would have been visible if it were not replaced. Sometimes when the space is too large to create a dental fixed bridge, several dental implants can offer an elegant solution. On occasion, missing teeth are best replaced with a fixed bridge (no dental implants), which relies upon the shaving and covering of the adjacent natural teeth for support. Usually when the teeth directly touching the empty space are healthy, and the bite is ok, it is prudent to leave them untouched. Placing a single, free standing dental implant, abutment and crown is often the best choice for filling in that missing space.

Top View NYC implant dentist
Top view implant place by manhattan new wyork dentist

This view from the top of the mouth shows how newer implants (on the left side – the patient’s right side) can blend in more naturally than the traditional style implants (on the right side).

What are Small Diameter or Mini-Dental Implants?

Small diameter dental implants or mini-dental implants, are a relatively new class of dental implants. In the proper situations they are a practical, economical and versatile category of dental implants. They can be invaluable for immediate and intermediate treatments, too. While some offices prefer one type or brand of implant, we are comfortable and experienced with a wide variety of implant choices.


Mini-Implants can be an excellent choice for helping to stabilize existing dentures, especially full lower dentures that may not be staying in as securely as they once did. One of the most appreciated advantages of mini-implants is that they are a same day procedure. The same day the implants are placed, the denture is modified, and you go home with your new, enhanced and/or more secure denture.


Mini-Implants can be an economical choice. The fees can run about one half to two thirds of traditional dental implants. If your existing denture is in very good shape, it can likely be modified to accept the mini-dental implants. So, in addition to the savings when compared with dental implants, there may be an additional savings by not needing a new denture.


Mini-Implants can also play a key role during the temporization and healing process for dental implants. Mini-Implants can be used to stabilize a temporary bridge while implants are solidifying and the area is healing.


Examples of the Mini Dental Implants Minutes After the Completion of the Surgery.

Mini dental implants after surgery by nyc dentist

Front View of the Mini Implants

Mini dental implants placed under a denture in ny

Top View of the Mini Implants

Immediately after the surgery

Denture by a nyc dentist

Top View: The existing denture looks exactly as it did before the treatment.

Immediately after the surgery

Denture modified to work with dental implants in new york

Underside View: The custom modifications accommodating the dental implants have greatly increased the denture’s retention and stability.

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My colleagues and I share your goals – to have your mouth be healthy, pain free and easy to maintain. Being affordable and non-invasive are great, too. The beautiful, natural and healthy smiles we consistently create – exhibited throughout this site – speak for themselves. That’s the bottom line proof that our caring, experience, effort and expertise make a true difference. Every patient is unique and treated accordingly. Enjoy the webinars and tutorials. Thank you for spending time here. If you have a dental or oral emergency, please contact me right away (email – or cellular phone (917) 494-7494). Dr. Elliot Davis

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