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Referral Information:

If you’re reading this, I’ve likely not yet had the pleasure to co-treat one of your patients. So before going further, let me address the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Double-digit numbers of general dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists have had their patients receive exemplary arch reformulation with periodontal aligner care in my Manhattan and Bronx referral practices. I have not and will never accept a patient into my GP practice who was referred by a fellow clinician. Never have and never will.

The simple reason is because I can’t since it would then be impossible to maintain the general and referral practices alongside each other. Another consideration, the patient and I benefit from having another skilled clinician, the one who’ll continue to provide their care long after ART has concluded be able to monitor their progress. I learn so much from each that it would be imprudent to give either up.

For those interested in the raw data, I am the GP for about 60% of the arch reformulation patients. 40% continue their primary dental care uniterrupted with their general dentist or periodontist.

With that out of the way, let me thank you for your interest in my services and philosophy. I genuinely appreciate and am humbled by the trust placed by colleagues who refer their patients, family members and staff. Rest assured, every effort is made to have them treated in the professional and exemplary manner to which they are accustomed.   Elliot


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Preparation / Communication

Timely completion of Patient Intro Forms A & B and the ART – Invisalign Questionnaire by the patient and Patient Introduction Form by your office via the secure Forms portal helps us to prepare and is appreciated.

Status reports provided at the conclusion of each phase of therapy include photographic and radiographic records placed in a shared and secure Dropbox folder. During and after the retention phase of therapy, you may feel yourself contemplating whether to increase the time interval between checkup visits. You’re not alone. We experience that, too.

So, who’s a “right patient” for ART?

One with a gingival, joint (TMD), occlusal, osseous or general sensitivity issue who’d like to be treated in a dentally gentle,
cost-effective and dentally respectful manner.

And that one who’d love to definitively resolve their present periodontal problems.


Dr. Elliot Davis’s next presentation:

“Treatment can be an orthodontic success and a dental failure — huh?”

Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 6-8pm


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