“Divign™ Dental Aligner Care Has Changed My Life”

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Divign Dental Care is a superior and unique aligner treatment to greatly help one’s gums, smile, bite, and sleep.

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Divign Dental Aligner Care

Patients routinely opt for Divign Dental Care rather than more invasive periodontal treatment options, such as gum graft, laser, or bone surgery. Patients classified as unsuitable to receive traditional braces or clear orthodontic aligner therapy were told surgery was their only choice. Now they can obtain predictable results via this non-invasive and dentally respectful disruptive innovation.

As awareness grows that many problems presently believed to be untreatable with minimally invasive dentistry, Divign Dental Care will grow in acceptance and utilization.

Divign™ Implants

Divign Dental Aligner Care brilliantly repositions teeth with Invisalign® to fix a painful bite to create room for dental implants. 

Create Room for Dental Implants

The Divign Dental protocol presents a strong case for avoiding implant surgeries when the likelihood for long-term success is not very good. That’s just one of Divign’s secrets to consistently achieving long-lasting and stable results. 

Model showing Divign implants using aligner treatment to improve dentistry and oral health - offered by The Manhattan Dentist
Divign Sleep periodontal aligners with Invisalign - reduces snoring and sleep apnea

Divign™ Sleep

Divign™ Sleep Aligners strive to improve human physiology and oral breathing environments. The tongue is a muscular organ that works best when it has enough room and is not constantly compressed. When teeth are crowded, the space available for the tongue is often less than what is desirable, making it vulnerable to being pushed backward. That can lead to an involuntary blockage of the throat, which is especially problematic when one is sleeping. Teeth depressions visible on the tongue will often confirm that there’s insufficient space. That reinforces the importance of Divign Sleep, which repositions teeth to create more room for the tongue to increase the size of the airway.

Divign™ Teeth Whitening

The Divign Teeth Whitening process includes professional teeth whitening, a highly effective and affordable procedure that brightens teeth while leaving them feeling ultra-clean. This treatment can be done directly in our New York City office, discreetly in your home, or with a combination of both (Power Whitening). Teeth Whitening is sometimes referred to as tooth whitening or teeth bleaching. Professional Whitening can help overcome some limitations with consumer teeth whitening processes. 

Woman displaying Divign Teeth Whitening procedures offered, include tooth whitening, bleaching, advanced cosmetic dentistry
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If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would! I went to 7 orthodontists before I decided to come to Dr. Davis. I have gone to some orthodontists in America and some in my country. They all told me it's very difficult and it would take several years. They also told me I have to take some teeth out.


Dr. Davis was so welcoming and very knowledgeable, always explaining the process.


After a year my teeth look much much better. I have a big smile that makes me feel good. I am no longer shy!

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