Learn More About Dr. Elliot Davis

Dr. Elliot Davis is not just a top NY dentist; he is one of the world’s foremost authorities on precise aligner therapy for improving sleep health, tinnitus health, periodontal health, and the efficacy of implant therapy.

Yikes – Please Help My Gums!

Problem gums can be helped conservatively, without surgery, using Tinnisense Dental Care with periodontal aligners. Watch this video to hear patients describe their thoughts about this wonderful procedure.

Avoid bad breath, halitosis or malodor using your toothbrush

Do I have bad breath?

Dr. Davis will set up one or more sessions to provide periodontal treatments and then institute a regimen for you to follow at home to keep your mouth as clean and fresh as possible.

Meet Dr. Elliot Davis

Meet Dr. Elliot Davis, an innovative dentist and inventor in New York City (Manhattan and Bronx offices). Dr. Davis explains his approach to dental care.