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Life Changing Results

Dreams Do Come True! View real patient examples of “Before & After” various treaments Let's Get Started Awkward Smile and Bite Overhaul His teeth didn’t meet nicely (crossbite, rotated), the gums bled easily and several had unsightly stains. Custom teeth whitening and two porcelain veneers upgraded his mouth in a natural and affordable manner. This…

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Natural - Imagine No Oral Surgery -Tinnisense dental implants - avoid wisdom tooth removal or tooth extraction with affordable dental implant low cost option

Transform Your Life with Gorgeous Dental Implants

Need a dental implant? Try our revolutionary new product — Tinnisense Implants Let's Get Started Tinnisense Implant Care is more effective and less invasive than traditional methods. And it is affordable! Create Room for a Dental Implant Replace a Missing Tooth Avoid Tooth Extraction Surgery Fix Your Painful Bite Get Rid of the Gap on…

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Tinnisense Sleep periodontal aligners reduces snoring and sleep apnea

Tinnisense Sleep Dental Aligners Major Help for Sleep Apnea

Is Snoring a Problem? Let's Get Started Most Individuals Snore. Snoring may be annoying to one person and be a severe health problem for another. Of those who snore, only some will have obstructive sleep apnea. However, most who have sleep apnea do snore. This causes problems with breathing and affects sleep health. If severe,…

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Woman displaying Tinnisense Teeth Whitening procedures offered, include tooth whitening, bleaching, advanced cosmetic dentistry

Professional Teeth Whitening Questionnaire

Professional Teeth Whitening is a highly effective and affordable procedure that brightens teeth while leaving them feeling ultra-clean. This can be done directly in our New York City office, discreetly in your home, or with a combination of both (Power Whitening). Teeth Whitening is sometimes referred to as tooth whitening or teeth bleaching. Professional Whitening…

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