“I have been one of Dr. Davis’ many pleased patients for over a year now. His courtesy, attention to detail, and overall professionalism is unparalleled in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Ever since a painful baseball accident when I was a child my teeth have been discolored and crooked. Since other cosmetic dentistry programs only worked temporarily or even not at all, I was amazed at the results I obtained using Dr. Davis’ Invisalign program. Not only do family and friends frequently comment on my pristine white smile but the program also created a healthy enamel structure that will last the rest of my life. After such results I now understand why patients from all over the world are eager to participate in his program. I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done. “

“I am extremely satisfied with the ongoing results of my Invisalign treatment per Dr. Elliot Davis’s expert and uniquely personal approach. His passion and enthusiasm for the treatment make my personal cosmetic dental progress feel like a shared victory. He explains each step of the treatment thoroughly, using computer graphics to illustrate expected progress along the course of treatment. His staff is extremely warm and welcoming, his office is always immaculate and appointments are prompt without exception. Located on the 16th floor there is also a beautiful Manhattan skyline to enjoy from the dental chair. As a New Yorker I look for those only-in-New-York kind of experiences at every turn and, in my quest to find a that in my Invisalign treatment, I found a gem in Dr. Elliot Davis, his office and team. “

“I’ve been a long-time patient and highly recommend Dr. Davis as honest, trustworthy and professional. For years I had serious problems with my teeth and suffered from having crooked teeth that many orthodontists said they could not treat. Dr. Davis got me on a regular course of cleanings that dramatically improved my dental health and then he started me with the Invisalign program that he specifically tailored to my needs. Using computer imaging Dr. Davis was able to project and chart my progress and keep me on track so that now my teeth look so much better than they did and are so much easier to keep clean. Before starting the program with Dr. Davis, I researched the pricing and found that his rates were very competitive and all-inclusive. There were no hidden fees or charges and he has held true to the deal we had. He is always on time for my appointments (which is really important to me) and his office is very easy to reach by subway because it is just one block from the Union Square Station. I highly recommend Dr. Davis. “

“Typically, as many affluent teenagers, I wore braces for five years during middle and high school. After the grueling and obnoxious chore of wearing the retainer diligently for three additional years, I was not particularly excited about the results. I looked the same and my bottom teeth were still a little
crowded. I was specifically disappointed as I had a narrow space between my front two teeth at the gum line and the braces did not change or improve the appearance of the space. I also felt the braces had stained my teeth. Over the past several years, my bottom teeth were getting worse and I began researching how to whiten my teeth and correct my smile. I spent hours on the internet and narrowed my search down to Lumineers and Invisalign. I was not that sold on Lumineers and began researching Invisalign dentists and orthodontists in my area. I knew I wanted a treatment that would last and with a professional that would consider both the appearance and correctness of my smile. I found Dr. Elliot Davis and set up an office conference with him. Where I was mainly focusing on my front teeth and overall appearance, Dr. Davis went into depth about the importance of bottom, back, and side teeth aligning perfectly to be able to maintain the initial appearance I desired. He discussed the importance of the procedure to proper gum line health. After his lengthy demonstration, I chose to turn my smile and well-being over to Dr. Davis. The same day he did a complete analysis and planned my program. All photos, x-rays, appliances, whitening, and appointments are included in the reasonable cost of Invisalign. I chose Dr. Davis because of his up front approach and honesty concerning Invisalign and his genuine faith in the procedure. I chose Dr. Davis because of the appearance of his office and the helpfulness and professionalism of his staff. I chose Dr. Davis because of the genuine concern I felt he had towards me as his patient and what I wanted to achieve. Since I have been using Invisalign, my mouth feels the best it has ever felt. I receive countless compliments on my smile and the whiteness of my teeth. I feel my teeth are overall healthier and my chewing has improved and my jaw feels more aligned. I can only recommend him with the confidence that you will feel the same about Invisalign and Dr. Davis. He is a ͞mouth appearance artist͟ truly meticulous and dedicated to his patients making sure they receive what they desire. Dr. Davis’ patients achieve consistent successful results and I can confidently say that you will marvel seeing the improvements from the first custom simulation to the final Invisalign design. His portfolio of before and after treatments is amazing and is enough to set up an office conference with Dr. Davis. Your smile will be your approval of Dr. Davis’ work.”

Alabama Retired DDS’s Daughter
“Dr. Elliot Davis is my hero. I live in Montgomery, Alabama, where they told me for years there was nothing much to be done about my dingy, dark teeth. Over the counter stuff was a joke on these tetracycline infused and ever-darkening choppers of mine. My own father, a retired dentist, didn’t know of anything strong enough to whiten them. One day I see something online about Dr. Davis and his success at lightening teeth and so I email him. He ends up calling me and telling me how to do it. It’s as simple as that. He just picked up the phone in New York City and told a complete stranger from Alabama how to do it. Thank you, Dr. Davis. It’s so refreshing and “enlightening” to have made your acquaintance. “

“After going to several different dentists including NYU School of Dentistry, I was told I would need $40,000 of oral surgery to fix a 8mm overjet followed by two years of braces. I was told my deformity was too big to fix via Invisiline. As a medical professional, one of my patients recommended Dr. Davis, saying he was one of the only people who could fix this using invisiline. He took me on and without hesitation I became his client. I am just past 2 years using his technique with invisiline and I have had DRASTIC results. My overjet is nearly gone and it requires NO surgery and comparatively 75% less the cost. His office is incredible and accommodating as he has been a joy to work with. I am nearly done and I couldn’t be happier. My own patients who are dentists (and were completely skeptical) still cannot believe my deformity was fixed using his techniques with invisiline. It has truly been amazing. I recommend Dr. Davis to anyone who needs any kind of work that has been deemed to be too complex to fix via invisiline. I have photos to prove what he did for me. “

“Dr. Davis has been our family dentist for at least 20 years. He is WONDERFUL! When I needed a root canal, he offered to open his office on the weekend to take care of me so i would not be in pain. He is also great with children. My daughter actually looks forward to seeing him. The mere mention of his name prompts her to brush more carefully! The truly reassuring thing about Dr. Davis is, he constantly seeks out and evaluates new technology. So you can rest assured that when you see him, you are getting the gentlest, safest, and most effective procedures. PLUS he is truly a kind and personable man. AND he doesn’t ask questions while that thing is in your mouth! “

“The crown on my front tooth broke on Christmas and I was going to be a snaggletooth for the holidays!!! Dr. Elliot was recommended to me and he got back to me asap and met me on a holiday weekend. He did such fine work with attention to detail. His staff is extraordinarily nice and he is totally personable, professional, thorough and talented. Very high quality dentist for when your smile matters. He did another crown for me a few months ago. You will be so glad you went to him. “