Patient Testimonials, Reviews & Survey Results

Google reviews:

“Dr. Davis has been a great dentist. I had porcelain veneers put in about a year and a half before my first visit and he’s helped the surrounding gum line tremendously. He also got me on the aveoTSD for my snoring/sleep apnea and it is significantly more comfortable and cheaper but just as effective as my old CPAP or OAT mouthpiece. Have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.”

“Dr. Elliot Davis is my hero. I live in Montgomery, Alabama, where they told me for years there was nothing much to be done about my dingy, dark teeth. Over the counter stuff was a joke on these tetracycline infused and ever-darkening choppers of mine. My own father, a retired dentist, didn’t know of anything strong enough to whiten them. One day I see something online about Dr. Davis and his success at lightening teeth and so I email him. He ends up calling me and telling me how to do it. It’s as simple as that. He just picked up the phone in New York City and told a complete stranger from Alabama how to do it. Thank you, Dr. Davis. It’s so refreshing and “enlightening” to have made your acquaintance.”

“Go with confidence! I have been going to Dr Davis for about 10 years now and I have nothing but great things to say about the care I have gotten there! my last dentist I had to escape from because she was aggressive in treatment to detriment of my wallet and my health. Dr Davis never just jumps to the expensive solution, more than once he has said, ” Let’s just watch that”. And he does! The office staff are fantastic and feel like family. Interface and appointment reminders are really helpful. Follow up the best. Consistency in health care is high on my list and I am really happy I have found a dentist I can totally trust.”

“Currently I am doing Invisaline braces with Dr. Davis. I had started this with another dentist but fell off the wagon. When I started with Dr Davis, it was clear that he was much more knowledgeable about the process. He is also always equipped with the last advances. He often personally does my teeth cleaning, a job most dentist leave to the hygienist. I wish I felt this way about my internist! Go with confidence to Dr Davis.”

Yelp reviews:

“The crown on my front tooth broke on Christmas and I was going to be a snaggletooth for the holidays!!! Dr. Elliot was recommended to me and he got back to me asap and met me on a holiday weekend. He did such fine work with attention to detail. His staff is extraordinarily nice and he is totally personable, professional, thorough and talented. Very high quality dentist for when your smile matters. He did another crown for me a few months ago. You will be so glad you went to him.

Dr Davis is very easy to recommend on the basis of his professionalism, his courtesy, and his responsiveness. I have been fortunate enough to have known several excellent dentists in the past but Dr Davis, who has been my dentist for many years now, is in a league of his own. I would endorse the comments made by other reviewers and, rather than repeating them, I would highlight a few key attributes which have impressed me. Dr Davis is an attentive and accurate diagnostician who takes great care both to explain his analysis clearly and, when relevant, to lay out the various treatment options. He is responsive and has always dealt quickly and willingly with issues requiring urgent attention; he is also exemplary at following up afterward. Dr Davis invests a considerable amount of time remaining in touch with the latest developments in best dental practices and dental technologies, and I have found his instructions on preventive dental health care to be invaluable. The fact that Dr Davis is also a delightful personality is a major bonus: a family man with a great sense of humor and a wide range of interests, I have observed that he is genuinely interested in his patients as individuals. Dr Davis is ably assisted by his staff, including Harriette on reception who is a true virtuoso in dealing efficiently and sympathetically with patients. For those who find the idea of a pleasant trip to the dentist an unlikely concept, Dr Davis will probably change your mind.”

Demandforce / Intuit Local review:

“I went to Dr. Davis for teeth whitening. I didn’t know what to expect, but was instantly put at ease when I entered his office. Everyone working there is a pleasure to interact with. He personally handles 90% of the procedure and made me very comfortable despite me being very self conscious about the appearance of my teeth. I don’t know if he gave me an particularly special treatment, but I left feeling like he had. FURTHERMORE, my teeth are whiter than ever, and I am ecstatic!”
Jonathanm , Bronx, NY

Anonymous survey response, review:

“I had braces as a teenager and invisalign several years ago. I’m not sure why invisalign worked out so much better the third time with Dr. Davis, but it did. I receive many compliments about my teeth, which are white, straight and even at the edges. Dr. Davis is caring and candid and I adore his staff.”

How the survey was conducted:

An independent third party was retained to anonymously survey patients who received dental treatment by Dr. Elliot Davis and his staff in his lower Fifth Avenue, (Manhattan) New York dental office starting in August, 2009. To help ensure anonymity, surveys were sent out randomly to an undisclosed number of patients 2 – 10 days after the treatment was rendered. It is possible that a patient may have been solicited to complete a survey on more than one occasion.

Dental treatments rendered to reviewers:

These patients received one or more of the following treatments: dental cleaning, Invisalign invisible braces, dental implant surgery, teeth whitening, porcelain veneer, partial crown porcelain inlay, onlay; tooth bleaching; comprehensive, pain relief, and routine dental examination; dental implant crown, bridge; periodontal scaling; periodontal gum and bone surgery, root canal endodontic treatment, emergency dental care, digital x-rays, orthodontic retainer therapy, digital panoramic x-ray, tooth extraction and/or bone grafting.