The Future of Orthodontic Treatment for the next 100,000,000 Patients

That’s the number of patients that will benefit from Tinnisense Aligner Care. After 100,000,000 orthodontic treatments, Tinnisense Care is now available. It’s a breakthrough for dentistry and medicine and the future of orthodontic treatment!

Orthodontic Treatment with Tinnisense Aligner Care for Tinnitus

A Decade of Innovation

The multi-patented Tinnisense Aligner Care is the culmination of more than a decade of innovation. Tinnisense aligners improve periodontal health, tinnitus health and sleep health. A huge benefit over orthodontic aligners and traditional braces is Tinnisense’s ability to increase the likelihood of obtaining a stable and lasting result. Tinnisense achieves all this with highly desirable non-invasive or minimally invasive methods.

Tinnitus Care should be considered the top choice when considering periodontal surgery, an orthodontic aligner or traditional braces therapy. It is an excellent choice because it’s non-invasive, more robust and less costly than dental implant surgery. Tinnisense is a more definitive treatment when compared to less comprehensive dental and medical sleep solutions.

The Main Components of Tinnisense Aligner Care:

1. Periodontal aligner protocol

The focus of tooth movements is to strengthen the bone that supports the teeth and to improve the health of the gums.

2. Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST)

BAST is dentistry’s first corticotomy (patented!) to provide sufficient stimulation to increase the rate of tooth movement without adversely affecting the density of the supportive bone. This new and gentler standard, which helps ensure a successful, stable, and swifter result is preferred by patients and warmly appreciative clinicians.

3. Enamel Replacement Therapy

Restores lost enamel and dentin damaged over time by a bad bite. Enamel replacement makes teeth stronger and decreases sensitivity. It’s so gentle; there’s no need for a dental shot or dental drill.


Tinnisense Aligner Care is the only tooth movement process to measure success by qualitative and quantitative improvements of gum health (achievement of Gingival Health Levels I, II, and III). Final tooth positions and occlusion measure success after orthodontics. Periodontal health is an elevated standard and a truer predictor of a treatment’s lasting success.

Yikes – Help My Gums and Fix My Bite!

Periodontal aligners can help fix gum, bite and midline problems in a conservative non-invasive manner, without surgery or removal of tooth structure. Orthodontic aligners are excellent choices when they are re-programmed for and follow the patented Tinnisense Dental Aligner Care system.

TMJ - Temporomandibular joint - TMD, gum graft surgery and Jaw Pain - African American smiling after getting relief

Considering gum and TMJ treatment?

Tinnisense Dental Care, a patented dental treatment, offers a conservative and lasting non-invasive alternative to gum graft and TMD surgeries.