Tinnisense Dental Care Awarded a Milestone Patent for Sophisticated Tooth Movement

November 16, 2021
New York, NY

An integral component of Tinnisense Aligner Care to enhance tooth movement velocity has been recognized as a novel method to expedite and reverse the harmful effects caused by periodontal, sleep, tinnitus and occlusal diseases. It is minimally invasive.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent #11,173,014 to Elliot Davis, D.D.S., a general dentist and inventor in New York, NY.

Executive Summary

A patent issued for a “Minimally Invasive Method to Enhance Tooth Movement Velocity” advances the state-of-the-art in conservative dental health care..

Bone acceleration surgery therapy (BAST), a minimally invasive corticotomy, is a critical component of the Tinnisense Aligner Care protocol. Dental corticotomies increase the rate of tooth movement by stimulating the underlying bone. During these procedures, varying amounts of bone are removed. One corticotomy requires grafting to replace bone removed during the procedure.

BAST is dentistry’s first corticotomy to provide sufficient osseous stimulation to increase the rate of tooth movement without adversely affecting the density of the supportive bone. This new and gentler standard, which helps ensure a successful and stable result, is preferred by patients and warmly appreciative clinicians. (See “Is Patented Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy right for you?”)

About Tinnisense Care

Tinnisense Aligner Care improves periodontal and sleep health and increases the likelihood of obtaining a stable result. It can be provided in a non-invasive or minimally invasive manner. Tinnisense Care should be considered a top alternative to periodontal surgery, orthodontic aligner and traditional orthodontic therapy, dental implant surgery. gum graft and TMD surgeries. It can also replace intraoral sleep aid devices.

The main components of Tinnisense are the periodontal aligner protocol, BAST, and enamel replacement therapy.

Tinnisense is the only tooth movement process to measure success by qualitative and quantitative improvements of the gingiva (achievement of Gingival Health Levels I, II, III). Final tooth positions and occlusion are used to measure success after orthodontics.

However, periodontal health is a high standard and truer predictor of a dental treatment’s lasting success.

Tens of millions of patients would benefit from Tinnisense’s unique designs and robust protocols.

For those interested in licensing or investment opportunities, contact information is below.

Tinnisense’s Distinct Goals

While Tinnisense’s aligners are visually indistinguishable from clear orthodontic aligners, they are elegantly programmed with significant advances to facilitate the following:

  1. Reduction — If not the eradication — of periodontal disease;
  2. improvement of sleep health;
  3. foundation for a stable, lasting result;
  4. reduction of the need for elective orthognathic surgery or dental implant surgery;
  5. permit the placement of successful dental implants where, without Tinnisense Care, that treatment option would not be possible.
  6. help diminish and even reverse the effects of tinnitus.

About Elliot R. Davis, D.D.S.

Dr. Davis is the inventor of and holder of patents for Tinnisense Care, Enamel Replacement Therapy, non-surgical alternative to save a failing dental implant and Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST). He invented the Manhattan Method of Teeth Whitening which conservatively and affordably harmonizes smiles where teeth possess a variety of shades. Tinnisense Care has been used to successfully treat patients for about a decade. More News and Dental Articles from Dr. Elliot Davis.

Dr. Elliot Davis maintains a comprehensive general dentistry practice in Manhattan and a practice limited to Tinnisense Care in the Bronx, New York. Warmly regarded by his peers, Dr. Davis was the youngest to serve as president of the New York County Dental Society and was privileged to represent his colleagues as a delegate to the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association.

Contact: Ms. Stephanie Sukhoo
E-mail: DrDavis@TheManhattanDentist.com
Web: TheManhattanDentist.com
Phone: +1 (212) 645.9255

Meet Dr. Elliot Davis

Meet Dr. Elliot Davis, an innovative dentist and inventor in New York City (Manhattan and Bronx offices). Dr. Davis explains his approach to dental care.

Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST) improves the performance of periodontal aligners and is the least invasive corticotomy

Is Patented Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy right for you?

Patients like this novel treatment because it’s fast and less time is spent in the dental chair. Recovery time is short, there’s less discomfort, and is a powerful motivator.
Teeth move more quickly so progress is evident every month.