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We love what we do!

Creating healthy smiles that positively change lives is not only our passion, it’s why Dr. Elliot Davis loves what he does. The enthusiastic feedback and encouragement from our wonderful patients make it a delight to come to work every day. Dr. Davis’s lofty goals to improve everyone’s gum health with stable, long-term results in a dentally gentle and affordable manner, are worthy ones. The path to a life filled with dental success starts with a solid first step, your personalized consultation.

Your initial consultation is complimentary!

The initial consultation will be complimentary. We appreciate and respect your desire to have prudent and conscientious care; whether it’s for dental implants, Arch Reformulation Therapy (ART) with Invisalign® periodontal aligners, or something else. Every consultation is unique – custom tailored just for you and your needs. Dr. Davis and his staff believe the more you know, the more you’ll understand, the more comfortable you’ll be. The enlightening consultation is an excellent first step.

Expect to be treated like family!

This isn’t a trite slogan –it’s true. You’ll be treated, as all our patients are treated, like family. Frankness and compassion are essential and integrated into our care. Dr. Elliot Davis, his wife, sons and sister have had ART–Invisalign®. So has Dr. Dennis Quinn and his sister. The previous in-house periodontist stops by to strut the remarkable stability of her post–ART results. That’s how strongly Dr. Davis believes in the philosophy, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have a mouth which is as stable and self-cleansing as possible. Dr. Davis’s meticulousness, inventive nature and attentiveness before, during and after each visit is a model that doesn’t just make our extended personal and professional families proud, it’s a standard that would make all healthcare providers proud.

We love to make unaffordable treatment affordable!

Because Dr. Davis can predictably accomplish what others say can’t be done, many unaffordable treatments become affordable. We enjoy designing treatments that are both in your best interest and fit comfortably within your budget. Some of our warmest reviews have noted how much less expensive their treatment was when compared to dental remedies proposed by others offices.

We provide the highest quality of care

You’re coming directly to the source of dental innovation! That allows Drs. Davis, Royzman and Quinn to consistently provide the highest quality of dental care. Peruse our Video and Blog pages to see some truly inspirational dental success stories. Dr. Davis invented the Arch Reformulation Therapy protocol for periodontal aligners and the Manhattan Method for the whitening of smiles with multiple tooth shades. The Manhattan Method is an elegant, affordable and dentally gentle procedure that solves some of dentistry’s greatest esthetic challenges. Dr. Davis intellectual portfolio possesses trademarks and there are patents pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Colleagues hold Dr. Davis in high esteem. He is a proud past president of the New York County Dental Society and was proud to serve as a delegate to both the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association.

We have the best views of lower Manhattan and play the best background music of any dental office!