US Patent Awarded for a Breakthrough Dentistry Method that is Minimally Invasive

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent #11,173,014 to Elliot Davis, D.D.S., The Patent recognizes a novel method to help expedite and reverse the harmful effects caused by periodontal, sleep, and occlusal diseases. The process is an integral component of Divign Dental Care to enhance tooth movement velocity. Divign Care should be strongly considered as a top alternative to periodontal surgery, orthodontic aligner and traditional orthodontic therapy, and dental implant surgery. It can also replace intraoral sleep aid devices.

Featured in The New York State Dental Journal!

Exciting News — Dr. Davis’ patented Divign Dental Care [referred to by its prior name, Arch Reformulation Therapy] was featured in an issue of The New York State Dental Journal. This article highlights the breakthrough advances in dental treatment that Dr. Davis has been providing for more than 9 years to Manhattan and Bronx patients. Dr. Davis’ milestone protocol is …

Arch Reformulation Therapy Patent – Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEUS Patent Awarded for Breakthrough Tooth Movement Treatment for Those Suffering With Periodontal DiseaseArch Reformulation Therapy (ART) recognized as an excellent method to reverse the harmful effects caused by gum, bone and occlusal diseases.“A major advance in the evolution of tooth movement therapy”New York, NY — March 26th, 2018The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued …

Bad Breath – Malodor – Halitosis

More than half of the adult population has reported that they presently have or have had in the past halitosis (bad breath). The most likely culprit of bad breath is unwanted bacteria in your mouth. Over 600 types of bacteria found in the average mouth. While most bacteria are good for us, some bacteria are not so good.

Is the Patented Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy right for you?

Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST) improves the performance of periodontal aligners (e.g., Invisalign®, ClearCorrect®, SureSmile®). It is a wonderful component of the Divign Dental Care protocol. By facilitating tooth movements, BAST usually trims the overall treatment time by months, or when mouth conditions are severe, more than a year is saved.

5 Ways to shorten the length of your aligner treatment!

5 Popular methods to shorten the time with aligner therapy (e.g., Invisalign®, ClearCorrect®): Modify your wear habits, Eat all meals while wearing periodontal aligners*, Use an oral vibration device 5-20 minutes/day (e.g., AcceleDent Aura®, [AcceleDent®], VPro5®), Micro-osteoperforation surgery (MOPS) (e.g., Excellerator PT®, Excellerator RT®, Excellerator®), and Bone Acceleration Surgical Therapy (BAST)[2]

Great news! Considering gum and TMJ treatment?

Those suffering with gum, bone, bite and jaw joint problems pose challenges to dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists and orthodontists. Presently, the options range from minimally invasive to significant surgeries.
PerioComplete™ Arch Reformulation Therapy (ART) is the first periodontal aligner protocol designed for those previously deemed unsuitable to receive traditional orthodontic or sequential clear aligner therapy (e.g., Invisalign®, ClearCorrect®).